Oh Maru! It’s Maru VS The Big Box

September 30, 2011

It’s almost Saturday, so for those night owls who’ve been waiting for a bit of the Royal Treatment, I’m presenting you with an oldie but goodie – Maru vs the big box.

If you don’t know Maru, he’s an adorable Scottish Fold kitteh who lives in Japan and has his own blog.

Everything Maru is addictive, and you can see him at his site, or look him up here for other Maru adventures.

Enjoy the rest of your evening – or your morning, or whenever you happening to be looking at this. And don’t forget, our very own founder and fabulous friend of pets, Prince Lorenzo Borghese is currently in LA, judging the Hero Dog competition. If you’re in LA, get yourself a ticket and go along to see the gala and help some dogs!

Jack The Sheep Thinks He’s A Dog

September 29, 2011

Is this not the cutest lamb ever?

Meet 6 month old Jack, who lives on a farm shop (I’m not too sure what a farm shop is, I mean, it’s obviously a farm that sells stuff, but maybe it’s like a hobby farm? I’m simply too lazy this morning to google it…) in Shropshire, England. When he was 2 days old he was brought into the home for some extra help living and eating by Alison Sindstadt and Simon Sherwin.

Jack started to sleep with their Springer spaniel, Jessie.

Well, Jack loved Jessie immediately and started following her around, and basically copying Jessie. He even goes on walks with her, helps round up the other sheep and plays fetch! He loves having his head scratched right between his ears. He attempts to bark (should that be baaaark?), and is being taught tricks like roll over.

What a smart little sheep! Jack knows by being cute and entertaining humans he’s saving himself from the slaughter – Yvonne the cow would be proud!

Jack is now a part of the family and while the other lambs will be sent off eventually to become dinners around England, he’ll be safe and sound in his dog house.

To read more about this story, mosey on over to the Daily Mail.

Hmmm, I wonder how sheep that think they’re dogs like organic dog shampoo?


The #1 Reason Why We Should Always Carry A Camera!

September 28, 2011

To take adorable animal pictures, of course!

Someone sent me this adorable series of pictures, and I just had to share them with you. So please, if you have any adorable animal pictures, please send them to us, we’d love to do a reader’s post of pics. Especially if they’re of shiny, happy dogs who’ve been all pampered and soothed with Royal Treatment’s natural dog shampoo.

Or if they’re of adorable kittehs who are happy with their salmon oil. Any animal pics, really. Send em in!

Here are some more of the photos. We’ll post more next week!


Meet Harper the Rescue Puppy who beat death

September 27, 2011

This adorable little dog is Harper, an 11-week-old pit bull who was basically tossed into a trash bag while a man sold her siblings outside a Save-A-Lot in Sanford, Florida. Erica Daniel heard strange sounds coming from the trash bag and pushed the man into letting her see the puppy inside.

The man said he couldn’t sell her because was born with ‘swimmer puppy syndrome’, a sometimes fatal disorder that deforms a dogs chest cavity, that causes the dog to lie on its stomach and not be able to turn its head.

Erica took the puppy to the vet to have her checked out and received the sad news that such puppies don’t live for more than 3 weeks. After being told this news, Erica took the puppy home for a day of love and attention, planning to bring her back to be euthanized the following day.

What happened next seemed to be a miracle. Erica massaged the puppies limbs and Harper after a few hours started gaining more mobility, moved her head and even tried to walk!

Luckily, Harper doesn’t have a severe form of the syndrome, and she’s now doing hydrotherapy classes and can even walk.

To read more about this adorable, sweet little puppy, hop on over to Geekosystem for more information.

A Boy & His Dog

September 26, 2011

Okay, we’re stealing this from Lorenzo. But, it’s not really stealing when the video was posted on the Royal Pet Club Facebook page by Lorenzo himself, right?

Anyway, Lorenzo is right, this video is adorable and a great way to start your week right!

So, enjoy the video. And if you have some great videos of your kids and your pets, we’d love to see them!


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