Double Dutching Dog

Remember jumping rope? Remember doing the double Dutch? It’s the one with two skipping ropes going at the same time.

Well, if you’re anything like me, you probably sucked at it, and if you didn’t, I’ll take solace in the fact you probably suck at it now. Meet Mo, a cattle dog mix who can jump rope better than any human I know.

She’s pretty awesome at doing the double Dutch, which should make me hate her, but I can’t because she’s so cute and obviously having so much fun. You can’t hate a dog for that…and actually, you can’t really hate any dog, can you? You can, however, be ashamed a dog can do this better than you.

To learn more about Mo, and her tricks, check out the information on the video.

And the thing we love best? Mo’s a rescue from a pound.


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