5 Facts About the Boston Terrier

These little black, brindle, or sable and white dogs (and yes, the one above is a baby) are most definitely sweet, but if you don’t have one, then you may not know some cool facts. So read on…


God Bless America

The Boston Terrier is one of the very few breeds that is an American breed. He was brought to Boston by Robert Hooper around 1870. By the late 1880s the dog had become popular enough in Boston with dog fanciers that he ended up finally getting a name that reflects the fine city. He is also one of the few breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club as an American Breed.


Olympic Dog?

In short, no. The Boston Terrier is not a sporty pup. He is, in fact, the very first non-sporting breed in America. Does that mean he’s a couch potato? Not really, so if you’re looking for a lazy dog, we suggest looking elsewhere.


Literary Genius

While never making it to the legendary heights of the silver screen (starring along side Judy Garland), the Boston Terrier has made it into several illustrated editions of The Wizard of Oz as Toto. Some Terriers also enjoy using the book as a chew toy, although this is not recommended.


A Name Is A Name

Unlike most of us, the Boston Terrier hasn’t been called the Boston Terrier the whole time. He was called at one time the Olde Boston Bulldogge, nicknamed Roundhead, until finally settling on the moniker of Boston Terrier. He has also been known as the Boston Bull, the Boston Bull Terrier and the American Gentleman (even, presumably, the ladies).


Flapper Dog?

We won’t go so far to say the Boston Terrier danced the famous dance back in the 20s, but he was most definitely popular during the era. Don’t let that fool you. He is still popular today as he has been through the ages. He has been a prized pet of both president Ford and president Harding, Helen Keller, Rose McGowan and Denise Richards.


So there you go, now you know 5 fun and fascinating facts about the Boston Terrier. Go tell your friends.


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