Today, Lorenzo On HSN…Watch it live, Online!

August 9, 2011

Don’t forget people, Lorenzo will be appearing at 7.30 am, 1pm and 4.16 pm.


If you’d like to watch, get some pet solutions for royal treatment, then click right here for the link to the live stream.

Because pet supplies for dogs and pet shampoo has been so classy.

Pumpkin – A Dog’s Best Friend!

October 13, 2010

Not this kind of pumpkin!

For fall only, Royal Treatment is releasing the delicious Pumpkin Patch & Nutmeg grooming products. They smell divine, they make your dog look amazing and they do wonders for your dog’s skin and fur – and they’re strictly a limited edition!

Once they sell out, they won’t be available until next year, so stock up so your pooch can rock the cooler months, no matter what time of year it is.

Check it out:

They’re Here! Our Seasonal Pumpkin Patch and Nutmeg Grooming Products!!

Here’s the Good News.  Fall is here!  And you know what that means?  Our seasonal Pumpkin Patch and Nutmeg grooming products are available and on sale for a limited time only!

Enjoy the wonderful aroma of pumpkin and spices while providing your dog with the silkiest, fluffiest, brightest coat on the block.

You will also help deeply moisturize and soothe your pet’s skin with nature’s finest 100% Organic Ingredients including Pumpkin, Honey, Almond Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Chamomile.  All products are made in Italy and shipped fresh to your door.

Here’s the Bad News.  Only a limited supply available and once sold out, you will not see these products again until the Fall of 2011.  It’s true what they say, ‘good things are worth waiting for,’ but even better when you don’t have to!

So stock up for the winter..especially at our lowest prices ever.  And remember, free shipping is included for any order over $50.00.  Happy Fall!

13.5oz Shampoo – Was $29.95 Now $11.95
8.4oz Conditioner – Was $24.95 Now $9.50
6.7oz Bath Spritz – Was $27.95 Now $10.50
Bundle, Best Deal - Was $82.85 Now $28.95

Use Coupon Code ‘pumpkin2010′ at checkout to receive special Members’ only prices.  Expires 11/15/10.

Pretty amazing, huh? Get ‘em while they’re spicy!

Dealing With After-Beach Dog Hair

July 6, 2010

by Diana Waldhuber

Summer is well and truly upon us and what better way to cool off than a day at the beach? Many dogs love to swim and a paddle in the sea is a perfect way to bring down our body temperature – dog and person.

But the ocean is made up of salt water, and salt water can be drying of both skin and hair, so what better way to get your pooch back to silky soft fur than a good shampoo and conditioning at home?

Head over to Royal Pet Club and check out our array of luxury pet shampoos and conditioners (and all on sale!). Royal Treatment shampoos and conditioners are made specifically for dogs, and your pooch will love you for using it.

Check it out now.


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