Arbor, Vegas Painting Dog

April 13, 2012

Yes, the Las Vegas dog, Arbor, is back. While he doesn’t have any tickets to see Cher, or whoever else is currently headlining in Vegas (Charo, anyone?), he does have something far more classy.

Art and art lessons.

That’s right. This handsome dog not only displays his one hound art gallery (okay, one painting, but I think that still counts, right?) but the process he goes through to make his art.

Yes, you get a lesson in how to make exquisite art, and you get the finished piece (the gallery…work with me, people!), without leaving your home. You get real art by a real artist, so you can sit there and feel all virtuous by how highbrow you are. I know I did after watching this.

Also, Arbor is cute!


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