We Welcome Your Suggestions…

beauty sleep is a good thing.

As you wiley Royal Pet Club members have probably noticed, our elegant blog is up and running. And we are most definitely not napping on the job! (like some other furry creatures we may or may not know…)

We view our blog and our website as a community, like a co-op, where our members are welcome to give us feedback and make suggestions on how to improve the site (and our shiny new blog).

For now, simply leave a comment at the end of whatever blog entry takes your fancy and we’ll get on to it!

And keep on checking in with us daily for updates on the Royal Pet Club, hints and tips on having a healthier and happier pet, competitions, news and gossip about the animal world, and the antics of Bond, star of our hit Internet show, America’s Next Top Dog.

Of course, there’ll be more. Keep your eyes peeled for the Marvin Chronicles, a blog within a blog about the wisdom, views and life of a shiny black cat. And Happa, the royal Italian Greyhound will also be making his blog-mark.

And because we believe in healthy, happy cats and dogs, we believe in making sure the highest quality organic luxury pet products are made available to them. In supplements, toys, organic pet treats, luxury grooming pet supplies, we believe that not only are our bodies our temples, but we’re in charge of our pets bodies, too. They deserve to have their little bodies treated as temples of the highest degree, so we would love you to check out the Royal Pet Club, and if there’s something you want and it’s not there, then let us know and we’ll tell our resident prince, Lorenzo Borghese.

A huge animal lover and believer in quality is best, Lorenzo (creator of the Royal Pet Club and its phenomenal products) is open to bringing the world purity and quality in products for pets. And we welcome your suggestions.

See you soon.

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