Meet Gunther IV, The World’s Richest Dog

Gunther, Richest Dog in the World!

This is Gunther IV, the world’s richest Alsatian and the world’s richest dog!

Gunther, who inherited his money from his father (go figure), is worth a hefty $373 million, or thereabouts.

Gunther’s father, Gunther III lived with a German countess, Karlotta Liebenstein, who was a true animal lover. When the countess died, the money was left to her dog. Now Gunther IV has inherited it all, and thanks to some wise investments by his people, the fortune left to his father has tripled.

This is one dog who lives very high on the hog, indeed. Gunther has purchased a villa in Miami from Madonna, and also won a white truffle (very rare) in a raffle.

But apart from these sorts of splurges (because who knows how much that raffle ticket cost…), Gunther is making the most of his money as his trust fund grows each year.

Oh, Gunther, you can be our friend any time.

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10 Responses to Meet Gunther IV, The World’s Richest Dog

  1. […] rich dog as myself could rest back on his laurels (like some other dogs we know, Gunther IV, I’m looking at you), but I believe in looking out for those less fortunate then myself. […]

  2. […] IV: Talk about keeping it in the family! Gunther IV is the richest pet in the world, and he received his inheritance from his predecessor Gunther III. […]

  3. paulo says:

    this is infinitely immoral in a world where children are starving. I hope hell really exists.

    • Borg says:

      Perfectly said, Paulo !!!

    • ed says:

      the true immorality is people like you who think that one life is worth any more than another; whether that is someone who is not part of your family, not part of your nationality, not part of your race, or not part of your species. dogs, like (some) humans, have feelings, including hunger, pain, joy. why should they enjoy any less and why should we enjoy any more? if nothing else, we are the ones who have created our own wretched, overpopulated society, and we were even the ones who domesticated and bred dogs. if anyone deserves to suffer, it is humans.

  4. springer spaniel…

    […]Meet Gunther IV, The World’s Richest Dog «[…]…

  5. Contessa Gertrude' says:

    Dear Gunther IV – My name is Contessa Gertrude’ of like breeding. Originally from Alsace-Lorraine, I currently reside in a palatial manor in Baden-Baden. I’m a young little thang frankly – about 2 yrs old and I’d truly like to make your acqaintance. I like walking in the park, running down the beach, catching frizbees in the air, chasing different sized tennis balls and have been known to strap on ski’s every once in a while, for a little “shush” down the mountains. I’m athletic, limber, playful and know how to please a strong sire’s appetites.(woof!) I’ve been called exquistly attractive with great hindquarters and have rich blood lines with many pups in my family’s history that have won awards for Best in Show – Ist Place – Golden Ribbons and we even have a relative that was installed as Sargeant of the Guard in a remote palace on the Rhine. I’m very fertile and if we should happen to share a whelp together I just want you to know that I’d be a great bitch to have around – raising your brood to their fullest potential and toilet train them to paper away from expensive Oriental carpets. If you’re interested – I’m certain you’ve many offers to chose from – I can be reached through my agent. I can make it worth your while – Big-Boy! ~snarly-snarl~ ;’)XOXO. ~ Gerty.

  6. I’m the biggest animal lover but really there is much better things to with your money. I understand the love you can have for a dog. I get that when you die you want your dog to be cared for properly, that’s understandable but really to give a dog millions of dollars is pointless when there is other animals and people out there who could benefit from that money to save or improve their lives. If your an animal lover give the money to the Humane society or any animal organization and put money aside for the care of your dog but really no dog needs millions of dollars to live a great life.

  7. holycowcow says:

    This is sick! A dog with hundreds of millions when little children die everyday of malnutrition and disease. Even sadder is the fact that every year the trust fund’s managers probably earn more than I earn in a year as a hard working tradesman. It should be illegal for any animal to inherit more than what it needs for a basic, healthy life. The rest should go to a worthy charity.

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