Tips For Bathing Your Dog

It’s summer and that means much more time spent out doors for your pooch. And in  turn that means more baths.

Some dogs love baths, others not so much. But to make bath-time less stressful for you and your dog, we have some sure fire tips to help bath-time go as smoothly as possible.

Timing – Timing is everything. Try and wash your dog when he’s full of energy, agitated or feeling playful then you’ll probably be the one who ends up having a bath. Baths should happen when your dog is happy, already played and blissfully tired.

Prep – Make sure you have everything set up before you begin. That means extra towels, tub or basin filled with the desired temperature (not too hot; we recommend treating the water temperature like you would with a baby), extra water in jugs, shampoos and conditioners (of course, we most definintely recommend Royal Treatment, but do make sure you use quality, natural products designed for dogs), brushes and comb, and of course old clothes and even an apron for you.

Demeanor – Some dogs can be skittish about being wet or indeed shampooed, combed and brushed. Make sure you’re also in a good mood when it comes time for the bath. Talk to your dog in a soothing, calm way, and always praise him each step of the way. This will go a long way to making your dog look forward to the next bath (or at least not loathe it as much.

Treats – Of course, have treats ready for your pup the moment he’s clean and dry.  Do  it immediately after the bath (in the bathroom, or wherever you washed him) so he’ll associate bath-time with good things.

Follow our simple tips and you’ll soon find bath-time lot of fun!

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