Polar Bears Are Really Green?

No, but they apparently have Irish ancestors.

According to a recent study, evidence points to the Polar bear being a relative of the Irish brown bear, who lived 45,000 years ago, during the last ice age.

While the Irish brown bears are now exinct, they apparently bred with ancestral Polar bears, resulting in the Polar bears today. How do they know this? No, the Polar bear did not appear on one of those daytime chat shows where people announce who their baby daddy is (and fat lot of good it’ll do the Polar bear, since the Irish brown bear has gone and done the ultimate disappearance act by being extinct), but the Irish brown bear has left a unique DNA mark that shows in modern Polar bears.

This is pretty cool since brown bears and polar bears today are very different, and not only in fur colour, but in tooth structure, size and of course, in habitat.

Whether this means that Polar bears can now claim citizenship to Ireland is yet to be seen…

You can read more about it at Ask.com here.

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