Meet Otis, The Skydiving Dog

August 20, 2011

Okay, I’ll admit it, I don’t think Skydiving is for me. It’s kind of scary. And my cat is rather…heavy, so I don’t know how that would go, leaping from a plane with him strapped to me (do cats like to wear goggles, BTW?), with only a flimsy big piece of silk, probably left over from WWII donated stockings between us and certain death on the ground below…

But clearly from the photo above, Otis and his owner love it! (To be fair, Otis probably weighs far less than my cat.)

According to the Sacramento Bee, Otis has just made his 64th skydiving jump – although he isn’t allowed to jump on his own as apparently he has the Obey Skills of a cat (ie none whatsoever). But that’s okay. He loves risking his life along with his humans for the feel of the wind in his fur and the thrill of plummeting towards the planet at what is probably a gadzillion miles per hour before his human is ordered to pull the cord to release the parachute so they can waft downwards like dandelions on the breeze.

To spend your Saturday night skydiving from the comfort of your own home, click here to watch Otis and his owner, Will DaSilva, take all the risks.


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