Guilty Dawg

January 17, 2012

Now I know this video has been circling the interwebs for quite some time, but I never saw it (maybe it was an evil kitty, or doggy, or gerbil, or spider that hid this from me!)…until now!

I think this video is pretty awesome. However, I have some questions: 1)Where and WHO are the kitties in question – were they maybe setting up young Denver? 2) Personally, I think Denver’s a bit of a player. He tried to pretty much move nonchalantly through the whole interrogation, but decided when it was time to just call it a day and go into the dog (dawg) house for a peaceful night’s sleep. 4)Maybe, just maybe Denver did all this because of question number one!!!

Do you see how complicated this is?

Of course, I haven’t researched this further, because I wanted to get this straight to everyone as soon as possible (yes, I do rule. It’s a thing).

So watch this cute video, enjoy the fact the week will soon be over and the weekend can begin!



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