Just So They’re Not Left Out: The Kitties Of Puppy Bowl VIII!

I challenge you not to find this adorable.

For those of you who missed puppy bowl VII’s half time show, or for those of you who are having withdrawal (it happens…), here’s a little video clip of the kitten half time show. Can puppy bowl have been so long ago now (two days is a long time for some of us)?

Personally, I love the music almost as much as I love the kittens. It’s just so…mental yet perfect for energy packed kittens. Seriously, where do they get all that energy from? Forget Red Bull, someone needs to manufacture kitten energy. Of course, I think we all know that energy doesn’t really last too long beyond kittenhood. When kittens become cats they turn to sleeping at all opportunities (all opportunities being the times they’re not busy hunting toy mice, leaping about for no reason at all, eating, and demanding the steak your preparing with very loud meows), just like the one curled up on my bed as I type. I think it’s the 9th nap of the day and it’s only 11.22am!

Enjoy discovering/reliving the kitten half time show!

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