DJ Dawg Shows How It’s DONE!

February 11, 2012

Hey, it’s Saturday night, it’s 30 minutes to midnight, which means those of us who aren’t old and decrepit (that would be me) are dolling ourselves up, listening to some tunes and getting ready to head out for a night on the town (the cool way, which is around midnight). So what better time to show you how it’s really done. The cool you and I would like to own, that is.

DJ Dog here has that total nonchalant-I-couldn’t-care-less attitude down to an absolute science. Someone award that dog a Nobel prize in absolute cool.

If you ARE going out tonight, please spare the occasional thought of me, sitting at home, toiling away over the computer, writing and creating things for your entertainment. I’m also making stock for an incredible soup that will be put together tomorrow. Mr Marvin the cat, who is quite often as cool as DJ Dog lost his cool when it came to demanding ham I was slicing off the shoulder of ham I bought. Mind you, kitty doesn’t beg, he demands. And demands. And demands.

Perhaps someone needs to do a mashup of Black Ham Demanding Cat and Too Cool For School DJ Dog video. You know it would be awesome.



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