Floppy Dog’s Valentine Joy!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful day and an even better evening. Of course, don’t forget to share some of that love with your fantastic little furry friend (Marvin is sitting on the table staring at me while I type with big pie eyes. It looks like love but it’s probably more of a ‘feeeeed meeeee’).

Here’s a really cute video with really cute felt dogs. And a nice little song.

It’s melancholy, sweet and a perfect little valentine’s day video, especially for the animal people who read the blog.

Enjoy! And remember, your lovely blogger can be bribed with champagne, whiskey, chocolates and chicken flavoured chips. No, I don’t know why  you’d need to bribe me, either, but I’m sure if you’ve got the goods, I can come up with a reason.

Happy Valentine’s Day, people and furbabies everywhere!!!

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