Simon’s Cat – King Of The Fridge

Don’t get excited people! There is no new Simon’s Cat film. I repeat, there is no new Simon’s cat film…yet.

But to make it up to you, I know there will be soon (although I don’t know when, exactly). I wanted to share with you not only this fantastic drawing above, which to anyone who’s owned a cat, or lived with a cat, or even known a cat, can see is spot on. Cats love high places, and cats love to be naughty (when they’re not sleeping).

Put another cat into the mix and you pretty much have the scene in the picture above.

One of the things I love about Simon’s Cat is the awesome website, where we get to read blog entries, see behind the scenes stuff, learn about the new movies and also new books, plush toys (I totally want a Simon’s Cat plush toy…how long is it to Christmas again?), and we also get to read the story behind the drawing. 

Cool, eh?

I thought so.

Also, the February mega deal is almost over (you have 90 minutes until midnight) for your Royal Treatment products. But don’t be too sad. If you miss it, you won’t be able to get a fantastic deal on the Italian Virgin Olive Oil shampoo; but you will be able to take advantage of whatever the wonderful March deal will be.

Stay tuned…

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