Cat Watches Star Wars

As promised, here is the second awesome cat video of the day. Yes, an adorable grey Scottish Fold kitty sits up and really watches Star Wars. Like, he’s totally into it.

This really is a complete win situation. It’s Star Wars (A New Hope…the first of the original trilogy, thank you very much), and I think it’s the dogfight in space over the Death Star.

Also, it’s a kitty who loves Star Wars!

My cat thinks he’s way too cool for school when it comes to anything other than beef, chicken, lamb, pork, duck, rabbit, venison, and fish. I’m sure there are other types of meat I’ve forgotten, or even types he hasn’t tried yet. It doesn’t matter. If it’s meat, Marvin will outdo this kitty with his excitement and near-Terminator like concentration. Of course, Marvin wouldn’t be quiet. No. He’d be meowing. Loudly, demanding some meat. And yes, I do buy extra beef and cut him up some and give it to him on a little plate. He’ll scarf it down, then come back and demand more.

Meat is like Star Wars to my cat.

Anyway, this is an awesome video. Go, Star Wars cat!

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