4 Top Tips For A Cool, Green Dog

March 3, 2012

Everyone wants to be green these days. It’s the thing to do (mostly because the environment has been pummeled for way too long by everyone). While animals are naturally green and devoted to keeping the environment healthy when in the wild, when in our world it’s another story. They rely on us. So, how do we get ourselves a cool, green dog (no, no fur dye allowed!)? It’s easy, requires little effort and to help you out, we have the 4 top tips.


Going natural with clothes and bedding, toys and, well, whatever you can think up. We know natural products are expensive, but what about you recycling your old clothes or bedding for your dog’s bedding? And even using old children’s shirts to keep your pooch warm? Apart from that, there are loads of recycled products available.

Doggy Do or Doggy Don’t?

Every doggy bag is not created equal. Sure, you can buy specially made doggy bags to take care of doggy business, but you can also use all those grocery and produce bags you have in your house for such things. If you don’t have those, or don’t want to use them, there are a fabulous range of recycled doggy bags on the market that are also biodegradable, which is pretty great in our book.

 New Wave

With the weather getting warmer, more and more people are taking their dogs with them wherever they go, and on longer walks, and all good dog owners will want to make sure their pet is properly hydrated. It is easy to just use something you can throw out when you give your dog water or food when you’re out and about, but instead of creating more land refill, why not go all new wave? There are some great dishes out there that you can pop into a special doggy bag and take with you, and reuse them. Or, if you don’t want to lug about a bag, there are special collapsible dishes, or even dishes made from recycled materials that are also biodegradable.

Hippy Doggy

Get Fido in on the act with his toys and his snacks. Organic toys are all the rage and they have the added benefit of being not only green but much better for your dog. And giving your dog healthy, high quality treats means not only will your pet be healthier, but you’ll cut down on vet visits.


So now you have some building blocks for a trendy, green dog. Just don’t let anyone say ‘hipster dog!’.



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