Cats + Water = Youtube Gold!

March 11, 2012

Cats hate water, right? Well, yes and no. It seems all feline and human juries are out on this (dogs apparently have something to add, but I’m not sure I trust it…) whole topic of cats and water.

From this cute video (although I could do without the song – but that just may be me) I think we can surmise that cats do what they want, whenever they want. I think we should add to that it depends on the cat in question’s personality; hsi or her own personal phobias, likes, dislikes, issues, secret cat personal vendettas at the time.

Seriiously. Cats and water totally rules. But do not put your cat in a tub of water and try and film it. Cats have been known to use their lethally sharp claws and super fast instincts as tools of revenge before. Just saying.



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