Cat Alarm Clock

Cat alarm clock? I think every person who owns a cat (okay, we admit it…every person who’s been OWNED by a cat, or cats) knows that when a cat wants attention it will get that attention. And they are mighty fine alarm clocks. Usually, it’s a cat jumping on you, or softly smacking you in the face with a paw (claws not distended) to wake you up to let you know it’s time to feed a certain cat, or…or this.

Boo the adorable ginger kitty apparently doesn’t like being alone, so he wakes his people up every morning at 5 am.

I’m really not too sure about the 5am thing…I think I’d do my best to get kitty to wake me at a more agreeable time (you do this with bribes. Cats love bribes), or I’d let kitty sleep in the room with me, so I didn’t get the daily 5am waking up.

I know, I know, for some of you out there 5am is a perfectly acceptable time to get up, but not me.

Anyway, enjoy the video, and don’t forget to take advantage of the April deal for Royal Treatment, it’s really amazingly awesome!

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