Cleaning Your Dog’s Eyes

April 29, 2012

Dog’s eyes can get a little messy. Evenf you’ve ruled out illness or infection, then it’s fine for you to make cleaning his eyes part of the regular grooming routine. (And no, I don’t know why the little doggy is saying please. Perhaps he wants some Royal Treatment products…because, let’s face it, what dog wouldn’t?)

Easier said than done, you say? Well, not if you listen to us fine folks at PetMD. We’ve compiled four easy steps to a sweet and easy cleaning session.

1 – Pull The Ole Smooth Move

Think like a seducer. If your prey is preoccupied, busy or stressed, then your seduction will never work. So, too, with your dog.

If Fido is riled up, hasn’t had his walk or is upset by something, then wait for another time. Otherwise, make your moves, pet him softly and talk to him in a soothing, praising voice. To get him relaxed and in the mood, so to speak.

2 – Surgical Tools

Not really, but you definitely make sure you have everything on hand you need. Scissors to trim unruly dog locks, tissues, and, most importantly doggy eye wipes.

Don’t use baby wipes or face cleansing wipes (for those of us too lazy to wash our face in the evenings). They’re not the same as doggy wipes. You’ll be able to find them at your local holistic pet store. Or, even better, you can get some fabulous wipes online created by Prince Lorenzo Borghese himself…including the awesome tear stain removal pads, which really make a dog feel like a movie star.

3 – Make Your Move

If your dog has long hair (very rock ‘n’ roll of him), begin by giving him a bit of a trim to clear the eye area. Hair in the eyes can irritate. Next, let the cleansing begin.

Don’t dab away like you’re trying to remove a stubborn spot from a toddler’s face. Instead, hold him nice and firm and continue to soothe with your voice and words, and then gently wipe downwards a few times. If there’s eye gunk, follow with a water-dampened tissue.

4 – Bribe ‘Em

We’re not proud. We understand the way the game is played. So break out Fido’s favorite treats and lavish attention and praise upon him whilst giving loving pats.

And guess what? Next time, it’s going to be so much easier.

Follow our simple guidelines and very soon cleaning your pooch’s eyes will be a regular part of the routine.


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