Meet The Canine Houdini!

This is Kiwi. She’s probably big now, but back then, in the dark ages (2 years ago) she was a ridiculously teeny tiny puppy. Her humans crate trained her, but she kept escaping. Being smart humans, they set up a spy camera and this is what they got.

It’s super cute. And I love that puppy is smart and feisty. That’s how I got Marvin. I went into this pet store that had rescue pets they were giving away. They had a cage within a cage. Inside the cage, were two beautiful, well behaved grey kittens. On top of the cage was a teeny scrap of a black kitten (he was so small he fit into my hand). When they said ‘I don’t know how he keeps escaping!’ I knew he was the cat for me.

Anyway, people on Youtube have been complaining about how it’s cruel to put the puppy in a crate, but to those of us who know dogs, own dogs, know about dogs, know that crate training is important. And Kiwi likes to sleep in her own crate.

Yeah, go little puppies and kittens, and show the humans how things are really done!

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