Fun Facts About The Chinese Crested

Let’s face it, when it comes to dogs, there are so many varieties that there’s a breed (or a mutt) to suit everyone. Big dogs, small dogs, and always something in between. However, when it comes to the small breeds, they definitely have their fans, but one breed in particular stands out.

We’re talking about the Chinese Crested. If you’ve never heard of him before, don’t feel embarrassed, because your erstwhile writer hadn’t, either. But, I bet you’ve seen him before, because this dog is most definitely into making impressions.

Hair? No Hair?

Like all true divas, do not try to put this pup into a pigeon hole! He comes as he feels fit…well, into two distinct breeds, the hairless and the…hairy. The Hairless Chinese Crested truly lives up to his name. He’s hairless all over, except for his magnificent mane, or crest, of hair on his head, and his stylish ankle cuffs and lush tail. His furry buddy is the same dog, but one who chooses to wear a luscious and silky double coat, all year round.


The Chinese Crested is a toy dog. But don’t toy with him. He’s a breed who can hold his own. He’s fun, cool, playful, okay with other animals, and just love their people. Basically, this is a dog who becomes very attached to their person and doesn’t adjust well to a new owner. Well, who does? But he’s smart and alert and everything we all want to be.


Honey, on the runway please! This dog is a perfect pet for the person who loves dogs but is better suited to the lower-maintenance of a cat. He’s very active indoors so really doesn’t need the walks and the extra attention many other breeds need. Also, he really is a supermodel kind of dog. Look at him! Basically, he’s a great apartment dog who doesn’t smell ‘doggy’ and can entertain himself, given enough toys. Fantastic!

So there you have some quick, cool and quirky facts about the Chinese Crested.


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