Woman Vacuums Her Cat

A few days ago the wonderfully awesome Neil Patrick Harris posted this video on his twitter account. Sorry, NPH, I’m stealing – erm – borrowing this from you.

It’s a pretty cool and weird video of a woman vacuuming her cat. Her cat. Her cat that really likes it.

However, I do that this to say to you cat people out there: DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME! If you’re cat is like mine, kitteh will give it a long, evil side eye and run away and hide. Or your kitteh may try and attack the evil monster you are wielding.  Or, if you’re like the kitteh of a friend of mine, put up with being vacuumed in the same way other cats would put up with being leashed, or snuggled, or dressed in really cute outfits – with that look of ‘fine, I can’t escape yet. But I will. And I’ll also find a away to extract revenge. It may take years, it may take place over many different moments in time, but extract revenge I will…’

Cats don’t usually like this. So, beware.

although Fat Kitteh is rather adorable.

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