Cat Daddy, Jackson Galaxy, On The Politics Of Litter

You’ve most likely heard about Cat Daddy/Guru Jackson Galaxy, and seen his show on Animal Planet. But the guy does more than host his show, My Cat From Hell – Marvin the Cat, I’m looking at you (no, I’m not, really).

On his website, Jackson Galaxy, he has lots of short, information packed (and entertaining) mini segments on all things cat. Which is great.

Because lots of people love cats but don’t get them. They think a cat should be a smaller, sleeker, softer, purrier version of a dog. But a cat will never be a dog. Ever. Dogs, to cats, are domestic, docile (erm, sometimes) creatures. Cats, to cats, are wild, dangerous, independent and free. They just choose to stay with you because they like you.

He’s launching his new book, Cat Daddy, and it looks great (click and listen for yourself). You’ve missed the May 10 deadline to use some of your proceeds in purchasing the book to help less fortunate cats, but I’m sure you can still make a small donation.

This little video here is a good one – it’s about litter. Basically, we cover why he (and me) think toilet training your cat isn’t the best idea, and his opinions and insights into automated litter box cleaners, and excessive litter box cleaning.

What do you think about cat daddy, Jackson Galaxy?

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