Mutt & Merlot…For A Good Cause In Brookhaven June 8!

Kitteh sez unwanted and injured kittehs are considered mutts by the peasants…erm, humans, and need just as much love as the dogs.

Let’s face it, we live in a very privileged world, where we tend to live much better lives than our parents, or grand parents, or, well, you see what I mean. However, with our privileged lives comes a downside: unwanted animals.

People will often treat animals as nothing more than a cute present, the latest accessory or something that’s an adorable baby but who cares when the Next Big Thing comes along.

Animals are living, breathing, caring, loving, needing creatures. They’re like us but better as they don’t judge, hate or bully. They just love us, sadly no matter what (even when a cruel human doesn’t deserve that love and hurts the animal).

Luckily places like the Brookhaven animal shelter and adoption centre exists, along with their partner in this fun and important night, the Guardians of Rescue.

They are throwing a wonderful shindig on June 8, called Mutts & Merlot to bring together people to help the abandoned, homeless, injured and abused animals of Long Island live better lives, get better and find forever homes.

So, they’re having an eve of wine, hors d’oeuvres, entertainment, raffles and song. (And animals for adoption will be making a stunning appearance.)

It starts at 7pm, ends at 11, and the whole shindig takes place at Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard, 2114 Sound Avenue, Calverton, NY 11933.

For tickets, (and they’re a complete steal at $20!!!) contact Brookhaven Animal Shelter or or call: (631) 286-4940

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