Ferrets Love Shoes!

I always thought if I was the type of person to wreak havoc and revenge upon others (I’m not I’m too lazy nice to do such a thing), I’d nonchalantly release a ferret in their presence, or give one as a present. But after seeing this, my non-plan has been thwarted.

Ferrets are not mean and bitey creatures.

Ferrets are sweet and loving. Just like cats, dogs, hamsters, bunny rabbits and ant farms.

This really cute video shows how this little ferret just loves shoes. His human taunts and teases and plays, and the ferret is like ‘oooh, shoes, gotta get me one of those!’ and basically doesn’t mind the big footed human trying to steal his little warm portable burrows (that’s ferret speak for shoes).

Who out there has a pet ferret? We’d love to hear from you!

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