By Puppy Demand: Aberdeen’s Epic Moves (From Puppy Bowl VIII)

February 8, 2012

Puppy Bowl may now reside far back in the mists of time (aka Sunday), for some people out there, it’s always puppy bowl time!

So for those people, and for all the puppy lovers (pretty much everyone except for horrible, heartless people who may quite possibly be zombies) out there, we’re bringing you one last puppy bowl video – Aberdeen.

Aberdeen is an adorable puppy. I know this the equivalent of stating that Gisele Bundchen is a hot supermodel, but he is adorable.

The thing is, Aberdeen, an Australian Shepherd mix, didn’t win MVP (most valuable player) in the puppy bowl. This controversial decision has many people up in arms, because he showed some mad skills out on the field. He kept control of the same chew toy for about half an hour – and kept it away from competing puppies. All this and he scored a number of touchdowns!

Let’s face it, Aberdeen was robbed!

So muster up your outrage, watch the video of Aberdeen scoring a touchdown (not to mention his clever paw work as he nimbly dodges the other puppies), and relish the knowledge you now have something vastly important and very interesting to talk about at the water cooler tomorrow at work.


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