Hank The Cat, Running for Senate

March 1, 2012

Now before I tell you all about this fantastic story, it’s going to be a bit of a caturday today. I know yesterday turned out to be a caturday, too, but what can I say? It’s cat things that have leapt to my attention.

I’ve been torn between two different cat videos, feeling like a fool (one day, someone will get the lame reference my lame joke is making there. Sigh.). This, or…Star Wars cat… I know, I know, dilemma. Well, I’ve decided to post Hank the politicat first, and then later today I’ll post the Star Wars cat. If I find another, it may be  a cat-trifecta. I guess tomorrow will need to be Dogday.

Anyway, this is Hank. Hank is a native Virginian who grew up on Virginia’s mean streets with his single mother and siblings. They were scooped up and put on death row, just for being homeless (I know!). Luckily they were saved at the very last second by the animal rescue group, Animal Allies. And now the 9 year old kitty is running as an independent in the race for the final senate seat in Virginia. I can’t remember the names of the Republican and the Democrat Hank is running against, but I do know this: Hank deserves to win that seat!

Hank now has his own website: Hank For Senate, and has interviewed with MSNBC.

All I can say is: Today the senate, tomorrow the WORLD! Erm, I mean, the Presidency.



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