Hurricane Irene Has Hit North Carolina & Speeding Up The East Coast – Are You Prepared?

August 26, 2011

Whether you think it’s hype, hurricane Irene is coming, and to say she’s one doozy of a storm is putting it rather mildly. She’s big, she’s powerful, she’s angry, and she’s pretty much going to do what she’s going to do.

NYC has an unprecedented mandatory evacuation in place in many parts of town, particularly along the coast and rivers. But we’re going to feel it. Even if she heads out to sea (which at the time of posting looks extremely unlikely), we’ll hear her knocking.

This is the biggest hurricane to hit the East Coast in 50 years. And she’s now shooting off the odd tornado.

I think we all know how to tune into the weather channel or to the news sites, but our pets, as well as us, are in potential danger.

For me, pets are in the worst position. They don’t know what’s happening. We can’t tell them. What we can do is prepare, have them ready to go if we’re in an area that’s under a severe warning or a voluntary evacuation zone. And we can be calm around them, because they feed off our energy, as well as the energy in the air.

Our brave friends over in Florida, Haute or Not Pets have weathered many hurricanes, so they know what they’re talking about. We’re going to hand the hat of knowledge over to them (it’s sort of like the Harry Potter sorting hat, but better, because this hat gives you information that could save your pet’s life).

Click here to read their pet hurricane survival kit.

Stay safe, fellow Royal Pet Club people, stay safe.

Baby It’s Haute Outside…

July 5, 2011



It is hot outside, so we decided to be lazy on this day after Independence Day by showing you a cool item re-shown on Haute or Not Pets!

Yes, it’s pretty much a win-win situation for all involved.

While we’ll let the haute staff at Haute or Not Pets give you the full (and excellent) run down here (click, you know you want to…), we’ll just chime in and say this simple collar allows your dog to cool down in hot hot summer weather. Which is pretty haute, and that makes it really cool.




Cat & Dolphins Playing!

May 20, 2011

This hit our inbox this morning, hot and fresh from the pages of Haute or Not Pets…and it wasn’t til now we finally got a chance to watch it (we being me and Marvin the cat).

Well, I’d been tired and just blah after a very long and busy week, which is about to be followed by a very long and busy weekend (and Marvin says he’s been very busy watching over the house, napping, eating, napping, looking glamorous and shiny, napping, eating, practicing killing shiny things, napping), so imagine how much this video made us perk up and feel 100% better!

Thanks, Haute or Not Pets! We love you! To read all they have to say on the subject, and to check out some really haute animal products, click here to visit their site.


Give A Dog A Bone…A Cake In The Shape Of A Bone!

April 26, 2011

Any rumours floating about that we’re obsessed with Haute or Not Pets are simply not true. It’s not our fault that for the second day in a row they’ve had something fab on their site (of course, like us, they always have something fab on their site), but today we’re definitely sending you over to read first hand all about this cake mix that has every dog I know howling for a slice.

Check out all the details you need to get one for your dog. Mind you, I think you’ll be needing some awesome Royal Treatment wipes to clean up Mr Pooch afterwards.

What are you waiting for? Jump on over to Haute or Not Pets!

Fab Ren Netherland Photos

April 4, 2011

Photographer Ren Netherland travels the world to photograph dogs. But not just any dogs, super-groomed dogs (check the photo above..and no, it isn’t photoshopped).

Our good pals over at haute or not pets have the whole scoop – and a great selection of Ren’s photos.

Click HERE to check it out!

Meow Monday: Reinventing The Wheel, Cat Style.

March 21, 2011

Oh cats, how they love to scratch up everything to keep their claws in super-sharp mode. Unfortunately many of those things end up being your furniture.

Well, now the wheel has been reinvented, cat style. Yes, Petmate give us the Booda Cat Scratch Wheel!

Marvin will be wanting one.

Read more about this fabulous cat scratch wheel from our friends at Haute or Not Pets. Click here for the full story.

A Royal Treat…12 Times A Year!

March 15, 2011

As you know, we NEVER blow our own horn…oh, okay, we do, but that’s only because all Royal Treatment products are so darned good!…but! We also love, love, love to report when someone else sings our praises – because singing our praises makes your fur baby not only happy, but look much healthier, too!

So, click here to read the recent report on the amazing deal of home baked, natural, hand dipped doggie treats Lorenzo has for your pooch!

Thanks, Haute or Not Pets!


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