Happy Poop Scoop Week, Britain!

July 28, 2011


I missed reporting this year’s international pooper scooper week back in April, so here’s poop scoop week in Britain. It’s happening this week, and I think we can all, no matter where we are or who we are, can take the English’s week to heart.

Yesterday, when walking through SoHo, I saw a man with two big, beautiful dogs. He was having them do their business over a drain grating. One was pooping, the other was peeing. He’d obviously trained them to do that. The thing is, it’s really lazy, and not that good for the environment. Also, if the poop doesn’t go down the drain, someone is going to step on it, and with all the ladies wearing fancy summer sandals, it’s not going to be a pretty thing!

So, even though they’re celebrating scooping poop and being responsible pet owners over the pond, I think we can all do the same. You spend money and hours grooming your pet, giving them the best in organic pet shampoos (like Royal Treatment, of course!), you spend money on the best food for your pet’s health, and money and time on the vet…. Why not spend time picking up after your pet? And the plus side is, when it comes to your pocket, plastic baggies sold for scooping are cheap!

If you’re a dog owner, be responsible all the time: pretend it’s poop scoop week every day and pick up after your dog.


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