By Puppy Demand: Aberdeen’s Epic Moves (From Puppy Bowl VIII)

February 8, 2012

Puppy Bowl may now reside far back in the mists of time (aka Sunday), for some people out there, it’s always puppy bowl time!

So for those people, and for all the puppy lovers (pretty much everyone except for horrible, heartless people who may quite possibly be zombies) out there, we’re bringing you one last puppy bowl video – Aberdeen.

Aberdeen is an adorable puppy. I know this the equivalent of stating that Gisele Bundchen is a hot supermodel, but he is adorable.

The thing is, Aberdeen, an Australian Shepherd mix, didn’t win MVP (most valuable player) in the puppy bowl. This controversial decision has many people up in arms, because he showed some mad skills out on the field. He kept control of the same chew toy for about half an hour – and kept it away from competing puppies. All this and he scored a number of touchdowns!

Let’s face it, Aberdeen was robbed!

So muster up your outrage, watch the video of Aberdeen scoring a touchdown (not to mention his clever paw work as he nimbly dodges the other puppies), and relish the knowledge you now have something vastly important and very interesting to talk about at the water cooler tomorrow at work.

Just So They’re Not Left Out: The Kitties Of Puppy Bowl VIII!

February 7, 2012

I challenge you not to find this adorable.

For those of you who missed puppy bowl VII’s half time show, or for those of you who are having withdrawal (it happens…), here’s a little video clip of the kitten half time show. Can puppy bowl have been so long ago now (two days is a long time for some of us)?

Personally, I love the music almost as much as I love the kittens. It’s just so…mental yet perfect for energy packed kittens. Seriously, where do they get all that energy from? Forget Red Bull, someone needs to manufacture kitten energy. Of course, I think we all know that energy doesn’t really last too long beyond kittenhood. When kittens become cats they turn to sleeping at all opportunities (all opportunities being the times they’re not busy hunting toy mice, leaping about for no reason at all, eating, and demanding the steak your preparing with very loud meows), just like the one curled up on my bed as I type. I think it’s the 9th nap of the day and it’s only 11.22am!

Enjoy discovering/reliving the kitten half time show!

Get Your Pooch Puppy Bowl IX Ready With Royal Pet Club’s February Deal

February 6, 2012

Ahh, olives, like them or loathe them, there’s one thing we can all agree on: olive oil is oh so good for us.

Us, and our pets. Especially their fur and skin. No, we’re not suggesting you give your pooch a spoonful of olive oil of an evening; we suggest you use our fantastic organic Italian olive oil shampoo and conditioner for your pooch!

A subtle fragrance, perfect for those with sensitive noses (of the human variety), this amazing product will keep your pooch soft, silky, shiny and very happy and in show winning condition.

Luckily for you, Royal Pet Club is offering you a wonderful deal on Royal Treatment’s Italian Olive Oil shampoo duo! It’s a perfect way to stock up on supplies, and it makes the perfect gift (one for you and one for a very lucky canine friend).

Normally it costs $43, but for members during the month of February, it’s only $29.95 – that’s an amazing $13.05 savings! Click here to get your special deal. Not a member? No problem, simply click and join up on the spot; it’s that simple.

And as soon as you get your organic luxury grooming pet supplies for your dog from us, your dog will soon be on his way to being best in show ready, all the time!

Puppy Bowl VIII Starts @ 3pm

February 5, 2012

Puppy Bowl 8 starts at 3pm on Animal Planet!

Forget the Super Bowl, this is where the real action (and by action, I mean insane cuteness!) is at. Basically, I know nothing about American football, and I’m not a huge sport fan (although I like soccer and ice skating. Ooh, soccer on ice! Now that’s a game just begging to be played! Can you imagine it? Exactly. Total awesomeness.), but I guarantee I’ll be watching Puppy Bowl. Puppies!

Actually Puppy Bowl 8 is more than puppies. It’s puppies, a kitty and a piggy. There’s also Meep the bird who’ll be doing what birds do best: tweeting! Yes, Meep will tweet all the action. So tune in, sit back and watch the game.

For more information, click on Animal Planet now.

Puppy Bowl VII

February 5, 2011

It’s time to break out the nachos and get ready for….Puppy Bowl! (Forget Super Bowl…heheh, we’re just kidding!) Animal Planet will be broadcasting their 7th Puppy Bowl for all you football and puppy fans out there – and there sure are a lot of you!

Puppy Bowl is fun and features adorable pups who come from shelters and are adoptable. Since Lorenzo will be attending (and hopefully tweeting) from the fundraiser on the LES for NYC’s homeless animals, we feel the Puppy Bowl is a cool thing to report on.

To read more, head on over to our favourite (not to mention most fabulous) sister site, Haute or Not Pets!

Click here!


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