Leash Training Your Dog

August 24, 2011

Owning big, strong dogs who are undisciplined is difficult, especially if your dog is still young, or you adopted him as a ‘grown-up’.

Leashing a dog is a good way of controlling him, but what do you do if your dog hates the leash? And then still attempts to attack other dogs or people? Or if not attack, gets too excited and aggressive when he sees them?

The answer is of course, training. Most of us will send a dog to a trainer to get what we need done. But if you can’t afford a trainer, or would prefer to do the training yourself, then it’s up to you.

Over at Boxer Rescue LA, they have some wonderful advice on training a leash-aggressive dog, so check them out and what they have to say.

The Terrier Man has some great how-to training advice on his blog. The entry is very long, and he has very strong opinions about people wanting a ‘quick-fix’ from their trainers, or from attempting to train your dog yourself. It’s an interesting read, and one that raises some good points.  But, whether you reflect his opinions, this article does have some great instructions on how to leash train your leash-aggressive dog, and on training in general.

Our take away from both of these is to always, always be consistent in your training methods. Always give a reward when things are calm and the dog is doing what you want. And, always be patient, as proper training takes patience and time.

And a nice doggy grooming at the end of the day is always perfect.


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